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The key to a successful website is understanding the web, how it works, and the technology to make it happen. We offer custom-designed solutions that meet your specifications. We work with you to develop a web site design strategy and create a dynamic web site that targets your core audience and attracts others to broaden your customer base.

We concentrate on building web sites that highlight your business, not
the technology. We attempt to make the technology as transparent and functional as possible so that your customers can concentrate on your products and services.

Our Web Site Design Process:

Web Site Design Consultation
During the initial web design consultation we determine the goals of the site, the target market (e.g., business to business, business to consumer), and information about the business.
Web Site Design Research
During this process we determine, with the aid of the client, the major competition. If they have web sites, we review those web sites to determine what they do right, wrong and how we can do it better.
Web Site Content Gathering
Text and graphic content must be gathered before most of the work can begin on the web site. We can assist you in pulling together the text, logo, graphics, and photographs needed for the site, but it's important to be aware that a web design project does require work on your part.
Web Site Strategy
At this point we have a reasonable amount of information about the client and the products or services being offered. This is our framework for developing a cohesive web site design and business strategy. We are also able to review web sites and find their faults because we understand strategies and how to get the visitors to look in certain places for information. Moving that information destroys the strategy.
Web Site Design and Development
We design and develop the entire web site based upon the presented ideas and concepts accepted by the client. This includes all the graphics, database layout and design, and other programming required for the web site to work correctly. This is the last step that changes will be accepted.
Web Site Deployment
During this step we set the web site to go live and ready for business. Depending upon the elements of web design, the site may partially be up and running. The site is thoroughly tested on the actual server. You'll have another chance to review the web design for any minor changes or corrections, while we test the pages on numerous browsers, on different platforms, and at different browser window sizes and resolution settings, correcting any remaining errors.
Final payment of balance is due and payable at this time. The site is then uploaded to your server and is considered "live". We allow five business days after the launch for you to review the site and test functionality. Any errors or functionality problems brought to our attention and considered to be our fault, will be fixed at no cost. After this period, a maintenance contract can be negotiated.

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 Inspirational Marketing Works
 Specifically With Small Businesses
 And Startup Companies To Build
 A Branded Image Into Their Web
 Site Design And Online Business.

 We understand your needs, your language,
 and what your clients are looking for. Let us
 offer you an exceptional, professional web
 design that is best suited to serve your
 customers and appeal to your target

 By effectively communicating and promoting
 the unique elements of your business
 through  professional web design, you are
 able to make prospective clients see how
 they will benefit from using  your products or
 services. Your branded image of your web
 design instills familiarity, trust, dependability
 and professionalism.

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