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Welcome to Krewson Construction

We are a family owned business servicing the Portland area for over
17 years.  If you have
never heard of us, we are proud to say that our business has
been built on a
strong foundation
of quality craftsmanship
and service

which has led to years of unsurpassed customer satisfaction.

For your convenience
we have assembled
an assortment of photographs showcasing some of
our home remodeling projects. We are very confident that you will be quite impressed
with not only the designs but also with
the quality of our work



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Why Remodel?


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  Remodeling your home not only increases the value of the home when you sell, it also increases the pleasurable comforts afforded you while you are there.

  Your kitchen is the center of your house-not only the place where you prepare
food, but also where the family gathers and guests gravitate to be entertained.


Making it the most pleasant and
convenient place you can is not only
a lifestyle issue, but it also can be a
financial boon. When you sell your
home, a modern, attractive kitchen
is one of the biggest factors in
determining its value to buyers.

  According to a study done by Remodeling magazine, a cosmetic kitchen
remodeling job pays back more than any other home remodeling project.
The average homeowner who sells a house within one year of updating the
kitchen can expect to recoup 80 percent of the investment in the job.
  Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is where people spend a large part of their
days. From the time you get up to the time you go to bed, you'll spend lots
of time in there.
It's no wonder that remodeling a bathroom always ranks high when home owners are asked what improvements they want to make to their houses. The National Kitchen and Bath Association says that nearly 11 million bath building or renovation projects will be completed this year, and nearly 7 percent of homes will redo their bathrooms.
  Part of the incentive to redo bathrooms is the return on investment.
Like kitchens, a renovated bathroom returns more than 70 percent of the
cost to the home owner if the house is sold within a year. That's good news
since most jobs can cost thousands of dollars. A minor renovation easily
can run $10,000. That cost will double if you want something truly luxurious.
  If you think the windows in your house need to be replaced - changing their
size, moving them or just revising their design - keep in mind that you'll
change the whole look of the house. So choose carefully and don't scrimp.
This is a serious architectural decision.
Besides appearance, other
good reasons for spending on
replacement windows are
energy efficiency and ease of
maintenance.  The array of
window replacement options
today makes those important
goals relatively easy to achieve.
But it's still a complicated job.
Poor installation can negate any
advantages new windows
will offer.
  New windows won't solve structural problems unless the problem is in the
window itself. But if openings are precisely measured, and windows are
properly constructed and installed with care, a replacement project can
reduce heat and air conditioning loss by up to 50 percent for a typical house.

If you live where it's cold in the winter and hot in the summer, new windows
will pay for themselves in five to 10 years. You can roughly calculate the
payback by multiplying your heating and air conditioning costs per year by
17.5 percent.

  For information about a project that
you are contemplating, please give us
a call.
You can rest assured that our quality
workmanship will make your project
well worth the remodel!

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